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CV1343 / ARP38 / KTZ73 HF pentode

Size This valve measures 95x30mm overall and has an octal base.

The prototype of this valve is KTZ73.

Heater voltage 4V
Heater current 250mA
Max anode voltage 250V
Max screen voltage 100V
Mutual conductance Va=Vg2=100V; Vg1=-1.5V 2.2mA/V
Anode current 5mA
Screen current 0.9mA
Cag 0.015pF
Cae 12.0pF
Cge 7.0pF


Pin Function
1 Metallising
2 Heater
3 Anode
4 Screen grid
5 Suppressor grid
6 no pin
7 Heater
8 Cathode
TC Control grid


CV1343 / APR38
This version is also marked ARP38.

Metal covered CV1343 top view Metal covered CV1343
This version has an aluminium cover rather than a spray coating
KTZ73 is listed as a prototype for the CV1343. The EVS data says that CV1343 is a modified KTZ73. However, the KTZ73 is shown as having a metallised coating which the above example lacks. It does have a wire from the top of the base shell which would connect to the coating. Note that the shape is the same as the CV1343 / ARP38 above.

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