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CV1540 / 33B/152M double triode

This valve measures 80x44mm overall and has a B9G base

This is a grounded grid double triode consisting of two completely separate triodes

Heater voltage *6.3V
Heater current *920mA
Max anode dissipation **30W
Max operating frequency420MHz
Max bulb temperature200°C
Mutual conductance ***15.5mA/V
Amplification factor ***90
Class C, push-pull amplifier, modulated
Max anode voltage275V
Max anode current35mA
Max grid current9.0mA
Max anode dissipation5.25W
Max grid dissipation0.1W
Class C, push-pull amplifier, unmodulated
Max anode voltage300V
Max anode current55mA
Max grid current15.0mA
Max anode dissipation8.0W
Max grid dissipation0.2W
Cg',k'h' (nom)7.5pF
Cg",k"h' (nom)7.5pF
Ca',k'h' (max)0.3pF
Ca",k"h" (max)0.3pF
Ca',g' (nom)3.75pF
Ca",g" (nom)3.75pF
Ca',a" (max)0.5pF

An internal grid to grid bypass capacitor of approx 50pF is incorporated
(note the second capacitance figure is listed in the EVS data as Cg",k"h' but this may be a typo as Cg",k"h" makes more sense)

*: per section
**: with a total anode dissipation in excess of 16W forced air cooling is required
***: at Va=300, Vg=-1
1Grid '
2Heater '
3Cathode '
4Heater '
5Grid "
6Heater "
7Cathode "
8Heater "
9Grid '
TC1Anode '
TC2Anode "

CV1540 / 33B/152M