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CV1739 / GC10/4B Dekatron counter

Size This counter measures 98x30mm overall and has an octal base.

This is a bi-directional 10-way computing tube with intermediate outputs.

Maximum counting rate: sine wave and rectangular pulses 4000 pps
Maximum total anode current 550µA
Minimum total anode current 250µA
Minimum anode supply voltage (normal room illumination) 350V
Maximum potential difference between guides and cathodes 140V
Maximum output cathode load 150k ohms
Running voltage at 300µA 191V approx


Pin Function
1 Common cathodes
2 Cathode "D"
3 1st guides
4 Anode
5 2nd guides

Cathode "A"

7 Cathode "B"
8 Cathode "C"
Top quarter view