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CV2106 / CV2288 pentode

Size This valve measures 31x8x5mm overall and has a 5 lead base.

EVS data shows both the CV2106 and CV2288 are based on the DL66, however there are differences in the specs of each.

  CV2106 CV2288
Filament voltage 1.25V
Filament current 15mA
Max anode voltage 45V65V
Max screen voltage 45V65V
Mutual conductance * 350µA/V
Anode impedance * 300k ohms
Nominal power output * 2.5mW
Max cathode current 800µA
Max anode dissipation 50mW
Optimal anode load 0.075M ohms Not specified
Capacitances (unscreened)
Cag 0.2pF
Cin 2.5pF
Cout 3.7pF

*: At Va=Vg2=22.5, Vg1=1.4

Lead Function
1 Anode (marked with red spot)
2 Screen grid
3 Filament +ve
4 Control grid
5 Filament -ve, suppressor grid



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