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CV2188 travelling wave amplifier

This valve measures 423x65mm overall, 30mm across the body. The stem measures 13x323mm. It has an octal base with 4 pins fitted.

This is a travelling wave tube. It carries the internal markings LZN 11.J.W.

Heater voltage6.3V
Nominal heater current950mA
Nominal 1st anode voltage (a)1.3kV
Max 2nd anode and helix voltage (b)3.2kV
Nominal collector voltageVa2 + 0.05
Max cathode current18mA
Max 1st anode current500µA
Max 2nd anode and helix current4mA
Minimum pre-heating time120sec
Max output2W
Minimum bandwidth (c)1000MHz
Wavelength6.5 to 8.5cm
Focusing field300 oersteds
Amplification (d)(e)20dB
Minimum cold transmission loss32dB
Minimum air cooling4cu ft/min

(a): The first anode draws negligible current and may be supplied by a potentiometer connected between the helix supply and cathode.
(b): The optimum helix voltage for individual valves lies between 2.8 and 3.2kV
(c): Between 3dB power points
(d): With collector current of 14mA and helix voltage within ±20V of the optimum value
(e): for small signal levels; At maximum output it is approx 4dB lower.

3no pin
41st anode
5no pin
6no pin
7no pin
8Heater + cathode
SC2nd anode and helix

base view
gun inside view collector

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