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CV2237 pentode

Size This valve measures 35x9x5mm overall and has 5 leads.

This is a sharp cut-off pentode for RF or AF applications.

Filament voltage 1.25V
Filament current 100mA
Max anode voltage 100V
Max screen voltage 100V
Max anode dissipation 300mW
Max screen dissipation 100mW
Max total cathode current 5.5mA


Lead Function
1 (red dot) Anode
2 Screen grid
3 Filament -ve, suppressor grid, shield
4 Control grid
5 Filament +ve, suppressor grid

The suppressor grid consists of two plates, one connected to pin 3 and one to pin 5. Pin 3 is also connected to the external spray shielding.


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