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CV2239 HF oscillator triode

This valve measures 36x9x6mm overall and has a B5G/F base with 4 wires fitted.

Filament voltage1.25V
Filament current120mA
Max anode voltage150V
Anode current *4mA
Mutual conductance *1.65mA/V
Amplification factor *15
Max operating frequency350MHz
Max cathode current11mA
Cag (nom)1.3pF
Cin (nom)1.35pF
Cout (nom)3.25pF

*: At Va=135V, Vg=-5V
1 (red dot)Anode
2No lead
3Filament -ve
5Filament +ve

The specification data for this valve indicates that only the CV code, factory code, date code and the number '5676' be printed on the valve. This exhibit is marked CV2239, NK, 5676, HR. 5676 is listed as the prototype.