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CV2319 S-band magnetron

This valve measures 370x150mm overall at the widest points

Heater voltage8.5V
Heater current9.0A
Max mean input power (a,b,c)4.5kW
Max permissible mean anode dissipation (a)3.0kW
Nominal operating frequency3GHz
Max frequency pulling for VSWR = 1.5 to 17MHz
Typical operating conditions (a,b,c,d)
Peak anode voltage36kV
Peak anode current70A
Peak power output1.25MW
Rate of rise of pulse voltage100kV/µs
Field strength1375 gauss

(a) During operation the anode shall be water cooled such that the outlet temperature does not exceed 90°C
(b) Tp = 5µs and PRF = 300pps
(c) The heater voltage shall be applied for at least 3 minutes before the application of HT voltage
(d) Under these conditions the heater voltage shall be reduced to zero after the application of HT voltage
Rear view

Quarter view Quarter view

Output port