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CV258 axial mixer diode for use down to 9cms.

Size Overall this measures 44mm x 12mm (plus the side exhaust pip), the glass section being 20mm x 12mm. The base is a concentric fitting consisting of a cathode tube and filament pin, for use in a coaxial line. The anode connection is the pin at the other end of the valve.

This is a version of the CV58 to different test limits.

Heater voltage 6.3V *
Heater current 0.36A
Minimum conductance, Ia=1mA 0.75mA/V



The box label says "The Pattern Number shewn on this slip is the new designation of the Valve enclosed. Supplies should be taken on charge, and demanded, under the new Pattern Number in future. S.N.S.O. Haslemere, December, 1943. Pattern Number CV258"

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