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CV3524 / G1/236G gas relay

This valve measures 37x9mm overall and has a 3 lead base.

This valve was originally designed for "storage" purposes in telephone systems.

Min main gap breakdown voltage 235V
Nominal main gap maintaining voltage 70V
Max control gap breakdown voltage 85V
Nominal control gap maintaining voltage 57V
Max cathode current 1.5mA
Min cathode current 0.5mA
Recommended anode voltage 180V
Max trigger resistance 1M ohms

These valves are light sensitive during operation and should not be exposed to direct sunlight. However a small amount of light is needed to ensure correct dynamic operation and so if the valve is to be in an enclosed space a light source should be provided.

The trigger lead is central, with the cathode and anode leads at the edge. In a new unused valve the anode lead is indicated by it being cut shorter than the other two.