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CV370 magnetron

CV370 size The magnetron weighs about 1.4kg. It is such an irregular shape that the dimensions are not indicated here.

The magnetron is marked with the serial number 34244, and operates at 9250MHz. The anode voltage is 5.7kV. The current marking is unclear but is probably 4.5A as indicated on a CV370 in another collection.

CV370 quarter view CV370 quarter view
Two further views of the magnetron
CV370 output flange
A view of the output waveguide and mounting plate.
CV370 output probe
Here is the output probe within the waveguide.
CV370 connector
Input connections are shown here. In this picture, the waveguide output is bottom right.
CV370 magnet
This is a 'packaged' magnetron, which means it comes complete with magnet which is shown here.