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CV3789 triode

Size This valve measures 41x19mm overall and has a B9A base with gold plated pins.

The prototype of this valve is 5842 or 417A (not the klystron!)

Heater voltage 6.3V
Heater current 300mA
Max anode voltage 200V
Max negative grid voltage -20V
Max anode dissipation 4.5W
Max cathode current 38mA
Max heater cathode voltage 55V
Max bulb temperature 160C
Mutual conductance * 25mA/V
Noise factor at 45MHz * 2db
Noise factor at 400MHz * 8db

*: At Va=150, Vg=-1.5, Rk=60 ohms, Ia=25mA

Pin Function
1 Anode
2 i/c
3 Heater
4 Grid
5 Grid
6 Cathode
7 Grid
8 Grid
9 Heater

Donated by Chris Colebrook

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