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CV4033 reliable double triode

Size This valve measures 55x19mm overall and has 9 leads.

CV4024 is the pinned version of this valve, and CV455 is the prototype.

Heater voltage 12.6V
Heater current 0.15A
Max anode voltage 380V
Max anode voltage (Ia=0) 550V
Max heater-cathode voltage 100V
Max anode dissipation 2.8W
Mutual conductance 5.5mA/V
Amplification factor 60
Anode impedance 10.9k ohm
Max bulb temperature 200C
Max shock (short duration) 500g
Max acceleration (continuous operation) 2.5g
Max negative grid voltage -55V
Max peak negative grid voltage -85V


Lead Function
1 Anode 2
2 Grid 2
3 Cathode 2
4 Heater
5 Heater
6 Anode 1
7 Grid 1
8 Cathode 1
9 Heater centre tap