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CV6132 X-band TR Cell

Size This cell measures approx 40x41x56mm overall.


Frequency range 8500 to 9100MHz
Max VSWR (measures at power below 10mW across frequency range) 1.2:1
Maximum leakage:  
Spike energy (measured at 40kW peak, 0.1µs pulse, 3000pps) 20nJ/pulse
Total power (measured at 40kW peak, 1.0µs pulse, 1000pps) 100mW
Low power 250mW
Max recovery period to -3db (measured at 40kW peak, 1.0µs pulse, 1000pps) 2.0µs
Max insertion loss (measures at power below 10mW at centre of frequency range) 0.8db
Max arc loss (measured at 40kW peak, 1.0µs pulse, 1000pps) 0.8db
Minimum transmitter power 1.0kW
Maximum transmitter power 200kW
Primer supply voltage (-ve) 900 to 1100V
Primer current 70 to 150µA
CV6132 top view CV6132 bottom view CV6132 end view