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CV8 diode switch

CV8 size The valve measures 83x25mm overall, plus leads.


Heater voltage 6V
Approx heater current 4A
Max peak anode voltage 450V
Max peak anode current 30A
Cac 11.5pF

The serial number 16705 is printed on the valve and written on the anode, and 705 marked on the glass pinch. The specification sheet for this valve states that no serial number less than 10000 can be used.

The first diode duplexer switches used were arrays of six TV signal rectifying diodes wired in parallel in the Naval Type 279B radar. The CV8 is the result of work to make a valve specifically for this purpose.

See also CV94.

CV8 centre sectionThe anode was designed to be clamped to the outer conductor of a coaxial line. The construction is similar to that of the Micropups. The cathode lead is colour-coded black.

Two views of the valve.
CV8 box