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Zaerix CV960 CRT

Size This CRT measures 425x160mm overall.


Heater voltage 4V
Heater current 1A
Max anode 1 voltage 2.5kV
Max anode 2 voltage 1.08kV
Max anode 3 voltage 6kV
Screen GGN (green/green/short persistence)
X-plate sensitivity 625/Va3 mm/V
Y-plate sensitivity 1175/Va3 mm/V
Typical operating conditions
Anode 1 voltage 1.8kV
Anode 2 voltage 800V
Anode 3 voltage 5kV
Beam current 5µA


Pin Function
1 Grid
2 Cathode
3 Heater
4 Heater
5 Anode 1
6 Anode 2
7 Internal coating
8 Y2
9 X2
10 Anode 3
11 X1
12 Y1

The CRT is normally operated with Anode 3 and the internal coating tied so manufacturers were free to tie these internally if needed.

Looking at the screen with the base spigot upwards, a positive voltage on X1 will deflect the beam left and a positive voltage on Y1 will deflect it upwards.


Electron gun

Quarter view