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DH3-91 / CV2302 CRT

Size The CRT measures 96x28mm overall, and 25mm across the screen. It has an 8 pin base.


Heater voltage 6.3V
Heater current 300mA
Max A3 voltage 1000V
Min A3 voltage 350V
Max heater/cathode voltage 250V
Average X-plate sensitivity 95/Va3 mm/V
Average Y-plate sensitivity 110/Va3 mm/V


Pin Function
1 Heater
2 A1, A3, Y2 and conductive coating
3 Y1
4 X2
5 Grid
6 X1
7 Cathode and A2
8 Heater

With the CRT mounted horizontally with pin 5 uppermost, a positive voltage applied to pin 6 deflects the spot horizontally to the left and a positive voltage applied to pin 3 deflects it vertically upwards.

Trace brightness and definition decrease rapidly with decreasing A3 voltage, so a minimum of 350V is recommended. However a voltage as low as 250V may be used if the ambient light level is low. NB in such conditions the brightness of the trace should be kept low as low-energy electron beams are particularly liable to burn the screen.



Top quarter view Bottom quarter view