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CV92 micropup.

Heater voltage6V
Heater current6.5A
Max peak anode voltage8kV
Max anode dissipation150W
Amplification factor (at Va=1kV, Ia=100mA)22
Average grid voltage-31V
Efficiency of a pair at 50cms wavelength40%
Minimum wavelength40cm

CV92 end view

CV92 labels

Around the anode cooling block are two embossed metal labels, marked as follows:

Ser no 34835 Made in Canada

British Type CV92 10E/CV92

Can Type REL7 US Type 4C27

Made for Research Enterprises Ltd by Rogers Radio Tubes Ltd.

The numbers 49691 are stamped onto the base of the cathode cylinder.

CV92 labels

Overall length is 88mm, plus the leads. Width across the glass is 34mm, and across the cooling block is 50mm.

See also CV972 which has two CV92s connected together.

The valve in its box. The valve is held in corrugated cardboard suspended by ribbons from the sides of the box itself. Straw is used as packing. The box itself is marked similar to those on the embossed labels, with the addition of the R.E.L.Order No. A56583R. There are two stamps, one for Inspector and one for R.E.L.Inspector, the latter being "AIR 2296 MAP 11869 REFERS" .CV92 box CV92 in its box